Moss Vale Optical - Eyewear

Glasses should not only make you see better but should make you look good too!


Your choice of frame should suit your personality and lifestyle as well as your prescription.

At Moss Vale Optical, we stock a large range of quality frames to suit every face and budget, hand selected by us for the Practice.

Through Provision we have access online to over 20,000 frames and 200 brands from both Australia and all over the world Our dispensers will help you choose the right look.

All our frames come with a 2 year warranty against manufacturing defects and we offer lifetime adjustments and cleaning on all our frames.


At Moss Vale Optical, we use the latest lens technology from both Hoya Lens Australia and Zeiss to provide quality premium products. In choosing the best lens for you we consider not only your visual requirements but also your comfort, appearance and lifestyle.

Lens choices include:

  • Single Vision Lenses which can be used for a specific distance only (distance, reading)
  • Bifocals to provide both distance and close vision
  • Multifocals/Progressive Lenses digitally designed allowing you to see from close to long distance eliminating the need to change spectacles for most tasks
  • Antifatigue and extended focus lenses to help with the increased visual demands placed on our vision from the use of smart phones, ipads and computers.
  • Transition lenses that change with varying light conditions outside protecting your eyes from sunlight.

All our lenses come with scratch resistance and UV coatings.



At Moss Vale Optical our extras include:

  • High index lenses to produce thinner, lighter lenses enhancing both comfort and appearance of your spectacles.
  • Coatings such as Diamond Finish and Blue Control to give you clearer vision by reducing glare, scratches, dust and smudges, as well as improving the appearance of your spectacles
  • Not all lenses are created equal. We use only Advanced lens technology and this enables us to customise your lenses to optimise your vision.


To protect your eyes from the sun we stock a range of premium sunglasses including Maui Jim and Zeal which are also available in prescription.

Maui Jim sunglasses were designed in Hawaii using their patented PolarisedPlus2 technology to shield the eye from the harsh glare and damaging effects of the Hawaian sun while improving the colour, clarity and detail of the world around us.

Zeal sunglasses are made from a plant-based material meaning that they not only protect your eyes outdoors, but the planet too! They are also polarised, eliminating 99.9% of glare and block 100% of harmful UVA/B/C rays.

At Moss Vale Optical all our sunglasses meet the Australian Standards for sun protection.

Safety eyewear

Moss Vale Optical, we have access to a wide range of safety prescription eyewear which are certified to Australian standards.

Contact lenses

Contact lenses can be a great option for people who don’t want to wear their spectacles full time. With today’s technology there is a huge range of disposable soft contact lenses that suit most people’s prescription, are convenient and more comfortable than ever.

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