Why You Need Sunglasses This Summer

February 12, 2018


Are your eyes protected from damaging UV?



you know that research by the Australian Skin Cancer Foundation found that your eyes are 10 times more sensitive to UV radiation than your skin?^ And that your eyes are susceptible to both short and long term effects of UV rays?


Quality sunglass UV protection year-round is the best solution for protecting your family’s eyes from the risk of eye disease and related vision loss. If you haven’t tried polarised sunglasses tailored to your prescription, we guarantee you’ll never go back. With so many sunglass styles to choose from, we’ll help you find a look you’ll love.


Protect your eyes today

Prescription sunglasses complete with quality lenses in your prescription will simplify your life and keep your eyes protected from dangerous UV no matter the season.


Have optical benefits?

If your annual health fund optical extras were renewed on January 1, you can claim once again on prescription eyewear. So why wait? Prepare your eyes for the year ahead without wearing the full cost.


Book an appointment with us today.

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